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It's not selfish to make your HAPPINESS and HEALTH a priority.

My approach to food and nutrition is simple- life's too short to be sad about food. I take an "all foods fit" approach. Food should not be moralized. You weren't "bad today" because you ate that cookie. Food nourishes our bodies AND our minds (cookies make me happy too!).

My approach ensures that you get the results you want, while still building sustainable habits through intentional support and accountability.

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What Clients Are Saying

"I achieved the desired results - weight and physical fitness. But, I especially appreciated you! You were patient, supportive and so knowledgeable!"

-Lysa K., 3-Month Client

"Mary helped me reach goals I never thought I could reach. She helped me unlearn a lifetime of bad eating habits and replace it with tools to make me successful in the long run. She is especially skilled at responding to what wasn’t working (like I’m still hungry after X meal) and teaching me better options. I’ve learned so much from her and am thrilled to be able to pass her teachings onto my kids!"

-Rebecca, 6-Month Client