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It's not selfish to make your HAPPINESS and health a priority.

My approach to food and nutrition is simple- life's too short to be sad about food. I take an "all foods fit" approach. Food should not be moralized. You weren't "bad today" because you ate that cookie. Food nourishes our bodies AND our minds (cookies make me happy too!).

My accountability programs ensure that you get the results you want, while still building sustainable habits through intentional support and accountability.

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I've not seen a pug meme I didn't love. Favorite food? It's a tie between a turkey sandwich and a cheese burg. I've got a burger list going so send me your recs.!

Imagine, like really and truly imagine, you’re asleep in bed with your partner, and it’s nearly 1am. . Unknown men dressed in dark attire literally bust open your front door. . Your partner thinks ya’ll are being robbed, so they get their gun and shoot at the intruders. . You are then shot at 20+ times, and more than 8 of those bullets hit you, killing you in your sleep. . The police that entered were looking for somebody that was already in police custody by the time police raided your home. . You were sleeping. . You were 26. . Your partner, who loved you so much, calls 911 sobbing as they see you lying on the ground, shot, bleeding, motionless. . Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 today. We👏🏼should👏🏼all👏🏼be👏🏼angry. We are going on 2 months and justice has not been served. . #sayhername #birthdayforbreonna

You know those moments when a cold Gatorade tastes like everything you ever needed? It hits your taste buds and you instantly feel a weight lifted. That was me yesterday. I hit 22,000+ steps working a mass mobile food distribution (all before 1pm). Outside. And while we are actually having a pretty mild May here in Texas, the sun really took its toll those last few hours. I rarely drink Gatorade, because I‘m rarely doing anything that strenuous for that long (now that I’m not longer a longer distance runner). It’s sugar water with electrolytes. And it’s the best tasting thing you’ll drink when you’re body really needs it. #letsberealnutrition

I’ll tell ya what, I sure did miss seeing my @ctxfoodbank people! Working this 8-week Mobile Pantry Coordinator position at the Food Bank has been fun, tough, emotional, and fulfilling. I love traveling to our 21 counties meeting people and helping. Here’s my coworker @marcosjackson and I are maintaining social distance today at our mass distribution drive through mobile pantry. And the Dietitian in me was so happy to see that we were giving out produce! Lots of baby carrots and apples. 🥕 🍎 Side note: WOW it’s hard to wear a mask in the heat! But we’re doing it!

At a time where I feel very helpless, I’m looking for ways I can help. So, I’m fostering a dog from Austin Animal Center! They shut down some days ago and are in need of fosters. This is Bobby, name curtesy of @schenkeldenkel just so he can say “damnit Bobby!” (King of the Hill reference for those of you scratching your heads.) Poor guy, just got neutered yesterday, so he’s got to keep the cone on for a bit.

“Eat food, not too much, mostly plants” -Michael Pollen That quote is an oldie, but a goodie! As a previous vegetarian, I have quite a few vegetarian dishes under my belt. BUT I often find myself lacking in veggie intake. Meat and carbs are just more convenient sometimes. Salads are an easy way to do this! Even if it’s just lettuce + dressing, you’re adding a simple veggie to your meal! Make your salad a meal by adding protein (tofu above) and a carb with fiber (chickpeas above). #letsberealnutrition

A year ago I left a comfortable job at a company I loved, managing a team I loved, to pursue a different career path. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do, but I knew what I was doing wasn’t it. It was a year of learning some life lessons and gathering the experiences needed to land a job I started yesterday. I’m so excited to start this journey, spearheading The Charge Group’s nutrition services in Austin! Currently though, I’m in Philadelphia (their headquarters) training and eating all the Philly Cheesesteaks and bagels I can.

No truer words have ever been spoken. . Freedom from guilt surrounding food is not an easy path. It requires self acceptance and turning your back on what society says we “should do” or “should look like”. But damn, it feels good to eat a burger and tater tots and not feel like I’m being “bad” or that I “earned it” because I exercised earlier that day. ❤️🍔 . . If you haven’t listened to the podcast @foodweneedtotalk , I highly recommend! . #mindsetmonday

“I know I should drink more water.” I hear this from clients all the time. Here’s some tips on how you can do it! . . First, “drink more water” is vague. Is more water 32 oz? 64 oz? Be specific and make sure you can measure your success. . . Carry a water bottle around with you. If it’s there, you’ll drink it. And lucky for you, it’s socially acceptable to carry a reusable water bottle with you anywhere. . . Use a straw. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m way more likely to drink water if there’s a straw involved. It’s more convenient than having to untwist a bottle (first world problems, I know). I highly encourage you to use reusable straws. Save the sea 🐢! . . Set some rules. I have two that work well for me. First thing in the morning I drink 16-20 oz of water before my coffee. And if I want another cup of coffee? Yup. I have to drink another 20-32 oz to get it. . . #letsberealnutrition #stayhydratedmyfriends #waterbeforecoffee

New Year, same you! . . I work with my clients to set goals and reach them in sustainable ways. If you’re eating food you don’t like, then it’s not sustainable. . . Do you have 2020 health goals? Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and eating food you don’t like? Shoot me a DM and let’s talk! . . #letsberealnutrition

Take the Christmas food guilt quiz, courtesy of @lucymountain . . Things you should feel guilty about: - committing an actual crime . . Things you should not feel guilty about: - Eating food of any kind - Feeling full - Feeling uncomfortably full . . When we feel guilty about food, it leads to feelings of shame, which never leads to anything healthy or positive. . . Just move the fuck on y’all. You’re not a bad person for indulging. Today is a new day. Refocus on those health goals. . . #letsberealnutrition #getbackonyourshit

As we approach the end of the year, many of us are thinking about 2020 and how to make it the best year yet. . . Often our goals are health related. Setting goals for improvement are necessary to progress, but it’s also important to be realistic. How many times have you planned to eat baked chicken breast and broccoli (or insert any other bland foods) every day and then 2 days in you cave for something that actually tastes good? 🥴 We’ve all been there! . . In order for your healthy habits to last, they need to be enjoyable, at least most of the time anyway. Because let’s be real, pizza ALWAYS sounds better than anything else. 😂😂 . . If you‘re finding yourself wanting to better your health by changing up your eating habits in 2020, and don’t know where to start, let’s chat! I tell all my clients that if it doesn’t tastes good, then ditch it and let’s try something else. We are looking for sustainability, not a quick fix. . . #letsberealnutrition #mindsetmonday

Hey! I brewed a beer! Well, really I assisted @bryancwinslow from @stelmobrewing in brewing my idea of a beer. It’s called Mary Christmas Ale. 🎄 🎁 🎅🏽 🤶🏽 🍺 . . A Christmas ale can be very strong, lighter or darker, spiced or not (real specific, I know). Our take on the holiday beer was brewed with cinnamon and orange peel, a strong malt sweetness, and just the right amount of narcissism (I really wanted to name a beer after myself!). So, a nice amber beer with a little bit of sass. Like me. 💁🏻‍♀️ 🍺 . . #stelmobrewingcompany #christmasale #beer

The holidays are here. My diet’s going to shit. I’ll care about it come January 1st. 😨 . . Is this your mentality? Want to take action and work on it NOW. Join my FREE December 4-week nutrition challenge! . . We’ll focus on nutrition and mindset. We will NOT focus on calories and weight loss. . . Each Saturday morning I’ll host a Facebook Live video over coffee where we’ll chat about last week’s challenge, wins, struggles, and the next week’s challenge. . . First live video this Saturday 11/30! Message me if you wanna join! . . #letsberealnutrition #decemberchallenge #mindsetmatters

WARNING. This post is about 💩 . . Are your 💩 less than ideal? One culprit could be that you’re not getting enough fiber in your diet. . . One super easy way to incorporate more fiber is by eating beans. The musical fruit! 🎶 🎵 🎶 This Quinoa Chickpea Salad from @dizzybusyandhungry is packed with fiber and delicious! . . Adding 1/2 beans to your day gives you 25% of your daily fiber needs! . . Speaking of daily fiber needs, how many grams of fiber a day should you be eat? Comment below! 👇🏼👇🏼 . . #letsberealnutrition #garbanzobeans #chickpeas #vegetarian #almostvegan

I have literally been waiting all year to make these little darlings. 🎃 . . I typically make some sort of beef or bison filling with veggies. Since we are eating vegetarian this week, I made a really good quinoa bean mixture from @minimalistbaker. Served with 1/2 🥑 to keep us nice and full. It was a hit! . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! #Repost @mombeyondbaby with @get_repost ・・・ Don’t be an asshole. And please for the love of God, don’t tell people how many minutes of exercise they need to “burn” the candy. Just no. Life is meant to be lived, candy and all. Enjoy a few pieces with the kids, they will thank you for it 👻🎃🍫 #halloween #dontbeanasshole

It’s been a while since I posted a food pun, and you know I love a cute food pun! . . Gluten is a protein found in cereal grains like wheat. It’s responsible for the elastic texture of dough. . . Since many food allergies are immune system mediated adverse reactions to proteins in food, gluten can be one of them. . . Allergy is NOT the same as intolerance. A true food allergy causes an immune system response that affects numerous organs. In some cases an allergic food reaction can be life threatening. . . A food intolerance means the body can’t properly digest a food that is eaten or a particular food might irritate the digestive system. Symptoms include gas, cramps, diarrhea. . . Ex: lactose intolerance. Lactose is a sugar. Some people lack the enzyme to break down that sugar. . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme #thankfulimnotallergictogluten

I’m so excited to celebrate @andron_t and Katie getting married tonight. Watching a friend you’ve known for over a decade marry his best friend warms my heart. 🥰 . . And OU still sucks. #hookem #texasfight

A dream is an idea that you have. It’s something you fantasize about coming true. . . You might have a dream to get into shape. It becomes a goal when you sign up for a 10k race, join a running group, and start racking up the miles. . . You see the difference? Goals are specific and measurable. There are specific actions you can take to get closer to your goals. And when those actions are done CONSISTENTLY, your goal becomes reachable. . . The goal happens when you stop hoping for your dreams, and actually start working towards them. . . #mindsetmonday #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme

Words like should, must, or ought to create a sense of guilt. . . As soon as you feel like you should do something, you create an internal resistance to doing it. . . Instead replace “should” with phrases like: . . I want to... . . It would support my goals to... . . It would be smart to... . . Guilt is never productive. It will stand in the way of achieving your goals. . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme #bekindtoyourself #guiltisnotproductive

Often the “do something different” part is NOT going to be easy. That’s why we’ve been putting it off. . . Here’s the thing though. That something that’s hard to do: get up early to exercise, meal prep, cut back on sodas, get up early again to exercise, etc. is what is ACTUALLY going to change you. And deep down, we know it. . . Take some time to think about what you want for your health and body, note the struggles that are holding you back, and create a game plan. . . If it’s knowing what to eat, find someone to help you with it. If you need more accountability, find a mentor or coach to get you on track. Reaching out for help is not a sign of weakness, it’s smart and efficient. . . If you want to know more about my nutrition and accountability coaching program, DM me! I’d love to chat. . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme #mindsetmonday

Can’t say enough good things about this chocolate peanut butter chip @yasso frozen yogurt bar. These delicious treats have an added bonus of 6 grams protein too. 💪🏼 . . And I’m not one to eat low sugar ice cream or whatever if it don’t taste good. Promise I won’t steer you wrong. Cause life’s too short to be sad about food. . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme #klausagnew

“I was bad today because I ate bad food.” . . Do you ever think this way? . . @letsrise posted this and it really spoke to me. . . Food should not be moralized, we should think of food as a way to nourish ourselves, and some foods are more nourishing that other foods. It’s a fact. That doesn’t make you a bad person for eating less nutrient rich food. It’s all about balance. 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme #therearenobadfoods #stopmoralizingfood

Hi guys! 👋🏼 . . My name is Mary, and I’m a Registered Dietitian and online Nutrition & Accountability Coach. . . People often tell me that they “know” what they should eat. So, let me ask you this: why haven’t you already done what you “know” to meet your health goals? 🤔 . . ACCOUNTABILITY. Yep. There’s PLENTY of free meal plans and nutrition advice out there. What’s missing is someone invested in your goals that will give you a plan hold👏🏼your👏🏼ass👏🏼accountable. Like, every damn day. . . My approach to food and nutrition is simple- life's too short to be sad about food. I take an "all foods fit" approach. Unless it’s straight up poison 🐍, I’ll never tell you to not eat something. It’s all about BALANCE. . . My nutrition programs will get you on the road to attaining the results you want by building sustainable habits (so YES you can eat carbs) with daily accountability and intentional support from me. 💁🏻‍♀️ . . Wanna know more? DM me! . . #letsberealnutrition

Meatless Monday! JK. I had avocado toast with sliced turkey for breakfast. 😜 . . All kidding aside, I try to make at least one vegetarian recipe a week, which yields 4-5 veggie meals. This is a great way to add more fiber to your diet and cut down on saturated fat. . . This Spicy Sofritas bowl from @pinchofyum is DEFINITELY making it to the recipe box. I doubled the tofu and made it into 5 servings (instead of 6) so I could boost the protein content, and did a couple other minor recipe edits to get the nutrition to what I wanted. 🤤🤤 . . #letsberealnutrition #40weeksforme

Do you struggle with breakfast on the go? ME TOO. It’s not always easy or pretty, but I try hard to pack something to eat on mornings where I go from 6am workout, showering at the gym, to 8am patient @heb . . . I’ve been digging this @gethappyinside cereal (currently eating the Bold Blueberry). It’s got probiotics! Yes, is sounds messy to eat in the car, but it really wasn’t! I put 1 cup of cereal in an oversized tupperware and 1 cup of 2% milk in a jar. To keep the milk cold while I was at the gym, I put a cold pack in my lunch box. It took me a whole 5 minutes to eat in my car (parked, not while driving!) then I headed into work. . . Make yourself a priority. Make it happen. Set aside the 5-10 minutes to make sure you’re prepared to fuel yourself. It makes a BIG difference in energy and mood. 💪🏼 . . #letsberealnutrition

Comfort food meal prep this week with a taco bowl recipe from @wellplated. I used @eatbanza pasta for more protein and fiber. Somehow forgot to get black beans, so I had to leave them out. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Solid meal sans beans though! #letsberealnutrition

MY DAD NEVER BOUGHT ME LUNCHABLES. . . It was probably for the best, but they were the cool thing to bring to lunch, and all I had was a dumb cheese sandwich. I was so neglected. 😆😆 What was your favorite lunch growing up? . . I made these Chicken Salad Adult Lunchables using @damn_delicious chicken salad recipe, which uses half plain Greek yogurt and half mayo. Oh and I ate them with @triscuit because they’re my favorite cracker. 👌🏼👌🏼 . . #letsberealnutrition

I’m ever searching for ways to make cooking our meals for the week easier. I have a go to spice mix for baking chicken that’s low in sodium and high in flavor, but sometimes measuring out 6-7 different spices seems daunting. 🙁 So to cope ahead I went ahead and repurposed an old spice jar for my special mix. #letsberealnutrition

Sometimes dinner is @angiesboomchickapop popcorn and wine while you meal prep for the week. At 10pm. 😳 (Not pictured the @heb Gouda cheese stick I scarfed down after late night grocery shopping.) . . I got an @instantpotofficial a month ago, and immediately bought @dana_angelo_white‘s Healthy Instant Pot Cookbook to help me figure this thing out. Since then, her Sausage Paella has been a weekly staple. We use the venison sausage Ben had made from his deer last season. “You could make that every week for the rest of my life and I’d never get sick of it.” -Ben . . #letsberealnutrition #instantpotrecipes #mealprep

Hiiii. 👋🏼👋🏼 I’m a Dietitian that doesn’t always eat enough (or any 😳) vegetables some days. I’m working on it and here’s my plan. Made some veggie snack baggies with the goal of eating one a day. It only took about 5 minutes thanks to these nifty @heb precut/washed veggies. . . Also a great way to actually eat the rest of the celery because that one recipe called for only one stalk. 😐 In a perfect world they’d sell celery by the stalk. 🤷🏻‍♀️ . . #letsberealnutrition

There’s a Quack’s in Mueller?!! And it looks like an adorable tea house! 😍😍 I haven’t had a Salty Oatmeal Cookie since college! I lived at Quack’s in Hyde Park in college. Studying. Eating cookies. Pettin’ dogs. . . Now normally I would tell raisins to stay out of my cookies, it’s all about them chocolate chips. But something about this cookie. 🤤🤤 #letsberealnutrition

Meal prepped Korean Tuna Salad Bowls last week. 👌🏼👌🏼 I’ve moved to north Austin, which puts me right around the corner from China Town, so I’m able to easily find some of my favorite kitchen staples for a good price like coconut milk, chili garlic sauce, and kimchi! 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #letsberealnutrition

A week ago I ran a 5k as part of the Run for Beer series. It started at 11am (🔥🔥 outside), and it was really difficult for me! (see a couple posts ago mentioning coming to terms with not really being a long distance runner anymore) You know what made things better? A nice cold @stelmobrewing Carl Kolsch at the finish. 🏃🏻‍♀️+🍺=👯‍♀️ #runforbeer #carlkolsch

Can’t stop won’t stop making tofu veggie curry once a week. It’s just so good and quick (using canned curry paste)! And the leftovers warm up nicely. (Yes, I have a Chili’s wine glass. Long story involving St. George, Utah and the worst margarita of my life.) #letsberealnutrition

FRIYAY! Smiling because I just got back from a 24 hour whirlwind of a drive doing nutrition consults for @heb in Houston & New Braunfels, got a sweet 2019 rental car with cruise control AND bluetooth (That’s how you know I need a new car, cruise control gets me PUMPED), had dinner with @karleighross in Houston and now it’s the freakin’ weekend! #letsberealnutrition #nomakeupnoproblem